Friday, September 21, 2012


Hello and good morning!
Its a beautiful crisp sunny day here in NJ. The weekend forecast is mid 70's and that means the kids and I will be sea shell hunting! We scour year round but days like these are the best because the kids still play in the water.
I enjoy blogging, but lately have noticed that I haven't had any new followers, I wonder whats wrong. Is it me? Is the follow button not working? Am I just boring? I'm going to ponder this more, if you can help by commenting and letting me know if that part of my blog works I'd be totally and completely thankful!


  1. Your "Follow" button works :) But yeah, it's challenging sometimes. I really believe in just being true to yourself and posting about things you really care about. Visit other blogs and follow those you like -- that helps people learn about you. You're so talented, your certainly not boring! The numbers will grow, slowly but surely :)

  2. ahhhh, thank you for posting for me!! I was starting to get a complex,lol Thank you for the tips, I love the look and happy feel of your blog, so clean, and the pictures are top notch! I have hope :)

  3. Nothing is wrong with you. I don't blog much anymore. It became too much to try to keep up with and a it seemed less and less read it anyway.

    I also can read the word verification. It took me 9 tries to post this.

  4. Thanks Rita! For a long time Blogger would kick me off every time I'd ever try to post a comment but then I tried a few weeks ago and now I'm able to again, I have no idea why that happened,,,??? I'm now wondering if there is a way to take off the word verification cause when that happens to me and I have to try over and over again I just move on,,,thanks for sticking with it and letting me know it's not just me :) (sorry about your little puppy, she'll surely be missed)