Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines day

I'm so happy to have gotten some really nice comments on my blog so far I was inspired by Inch Worm Art to post my coke bottles that the hubby brought me off of the beach. He mostly combs the Wildwoods but the lighter bottle was found in Stone Harbor 4-5 years ago. The 2 coke bottles are green and in pretty good shape, he found them in Sea Isle. This past storm he said a lot of drift wood was washed up, he didn't bring that home although I told him he should have. It would have been nice to have to display my Sea Shell art on, or with. Next time I'm going with him for sure!

The picture below with the cork, well I picked up that bottle and barely touched the cork and it fell inside. I was going to let the sand dry up more then try to clean it. I was hoping for a message in that bottle but it was empty.

Next I have Sea Glass that washed up, I have no idea what it could have came from since it is so thick, it's a nice size chunk and it's heavy. It's a dark amber color, possibly a thick medicine bottle, thats a total guess.

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  1. Thanks for posting the pictures of your coke bottles. Mine is a green one, it has an Atlantic City stamp on the bottom. It had been in the water a long time and was buffed up just like your white bottle in the middle...I still can't believe these beauties don't get broken in the waves...Amazing!

  2. I will post a pic of my coke bottle sometime soon...Oh Yes, I have also found a chunk of ambergris, it floated to me on a large bunch of seaweed. I'll post a pic of that too...soon!

  3. Hi Inchworm,
    Is that what the glass is called? Ambergris? I've never heard of it before, I'm going back to look for more. Can't wait to see your pic's :)

  4. Wow Kim, nice finds. Hubby gets a hug!!