Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Sneek Peek

As you can probably tell I am in love with the sea. I get the most comfort from seeing beach scenes in my head then trying to recapture it on paper. Growing up the Delaware Bay was one block away and hours were spent playing hide and go seek in the dunes. That's where my love of Sea Shells began also, I would spend hours in the sun finding the smallest baby conch shells that washed up. I still have hundreds of them in glass jars all over the house (pictures to come). I would never find the huge conch shells until years later when my husband and I moved to Wildwood and one day after a major storm we walked the beach (again a block away) and found HUNDREDS! Big
beautiful perfectly formed shells. Only one problem,
most were still occupied by the owner. Looking further and
with more effort, we collected the empty ones and my
Hand Painted Sea Shell Journey Began. My love of
painting and my love of the oceans treasures makes
me one happy lady.

These are some of my paintings, I like watercolors with touches of acrylic. Some day I'd like to try oil painting, haven't had a chance yet to do that I really want to try painting with a pallet knife.

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