Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'll Wait for You.....

I painted this one hot night last summer, it was the anniversary of a dear friends passing. As I sat day dreaming, paint brush in hand, I found myself thinking of all the hours we spent together just enjoying each others presence. And knowing one day we would see each other again gave me a sense of relief. So I'll wait to see that smiling face and hear the giggles of sweet sarcasm, I'll wait for the hugs, and I'll wait to sit beside the best, funnyest person I have ever known..... After a couple of hours I looked at the painting and felt it just wasn't done, it needed something, that's when I added the hat resting on back of the chair. I'll Wait for you........

Joining Etsy has enabled me to meet some of the neatest, talented, fun loving, and loyal cyber friends! People I would surly be drawn to to the "real" world. Edyie from and I have been online friends for ummmm a little less than a year, I'm not really sure, I just no she's super friendly and any time I get a convo from her I'm excited to read it. The other day she bought this print from my shop to give to a dear friend of hers. I'm humbled to know my work touched someone the same way I meant for it to, to touch the heart of the viewer. I've seen many scenes set up like this one with the 2 chairs painted or photographed facing the ocean and I'm honored Edyie chose mine for her friend.
This isn't the first time Edyie and I have done business, I got an AMAZING pair of earrings from her a few months back. If your in need, or just want to treat yourself to some beautiful handmade jewelry-necklaces, earrings, bracelets and anklets. Jewelry crafted with a touch of love, put her at the top of your "to do" list.

Thank You Edyie, for being my first print buyer, I truly hope your friend finds a bit of comfort in I'll Wait for You.......

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  1. What a touching and well written story.
    Kim you are such a sweet soul and Edyie is the perfect person to have purchased your print.

    Bless you both!!

  2. Agree with rctess, a touching and well written story.

  3. Ok, now that I have my kleenex, I can thank you.
    It's only been a day, but I am already checking the mail!
    I know my girlfriend will love this, especially with the title on the back. It will just make it more personal as only she and I will know the meaning of the print. And all of us of course!
    Special people come into our lives every day. I'm glad we took the time to converse and get to know each other because you are definately one of those special people!
    I think Toni sort of introduced us and I want to thank her too for being a great online friend!