Friday, March 5, 2010

It had been a few weeks since I walked the Stone Harbor beach and boy was I surprised to actually see all the recent storm damage. The erosion is incredible and goes on forever. Notice the one picture looks like fingers stretched out. The kids had a 1/2 day so we went Shell hunting. The tide was up pretty far so this trip again we left with our bags and pockets virtually empty. The most exciting thing I found today was a baby conch shell, they are so hard to come by, most of the time they are already broken up but this one is perfect. You can see it in the picture with the sea stones we found. It is the small white one, only 1 1/2 inches long, and an inch wide. It made this gray dark day worth the trip.


  1. Hi Kim,
    Couldn't wait to tell you that I received your beautiful shell today and I love it!!
    It looked as beautiful as I imagined it and as soon as I get a chance I will photograph it in it's new home and send it to you!
    Have a very happy weekend and thank you so much again!!
    ~xo Therese

  2. awww Therese, I am humbled and oh so pleased you are happy with it :)
    Thank You So Much! I can't wait to see the picture :)


  3. Finding conch shells has always been rare for me.

  4. Amazing the erosion. It looks a lot like the beaches in the Gulf after Hurricane Ivan.

    I LOVE what you're doing with the conch shells. If that gold one sticks around too long I have a sneaky suspicion it may have found a new home.