Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This is the East Point Lighthouse, it's 2 miles from our house and

we spend lots of time wandering around. I took 2 of my little ones

yesterday to hunt for sea glass, we only found a few.
The sunsets are amazing here and so peaceful, I try to go every night after dinner.


  1. That lighthouse is gorgeous. I love the way it's framed by the grass in the foreground. I usually always find the brown and green sea glass too, but I always savor the day just hunting. Then there are those days when I find something really special! ~Lili

  2. A lovely spot. The lighthouses up our way are surrounded by pavement and houses built too close.

    I've always wanted to spend a few days in one and have look into it all the time and at the for sale list too but private citizens get last dibs since the states they are in get first