Sunday, April 4, 2010

~~~~~A Sea of People~~~~~

Today in Ocean City they had an Easter egg hunt for the kids, it was to start at 2:30, we got to the water at 2:25 and the people were walking off the beach with buckets already filled with the little candy eggs. Needless to say but my 4 youngest were really disappointed. I suspect they started early because of the extremely large crowd,and the threat of rain. I had never seen so many people dressed for winter walking off the beach.

So we turned around and walked the 6 blocks back to the van and decided to go to the Sea Shell Museum. It was only 15 blocks away and was open when we drove into town, I had just recently heard about this little place the other day from the cashier at the market! The kids were excited to go and see all the different types of shells, but then we pulled up and the little place was closed! And just an hour before a big display was set up out front, baskets and buckets full of Sea Shells. Now I was the one who was disappointed, oh well, tomorrow is another day. Or next week. Or next month. Or next year...........

Happy Easter :)

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  1. so sorry the kids missed the egg hunt. I think they should limit the #each child can take...I heard one kid got over 50! how rude! You should let the city know! & then the Sea Shell Museum closed...not much happens in Oc until summer. Can't wait!!