Saturday, June 26, 2010

If your new to my blog, thanks for stopping in. After dinner at my house I grab a couple kids and head down the street to our Lighthouse. We live on the bay side of the New Jersey coast, a hop skip and jump to Cape May.
It has been up in the 90's the past few days here.

Two nights ago on our after dinner trip the tide was so high the water was splashing over the bulk head.

It was hard for the girls to resist and I had no plan on stopping them, you should have heard the squeals of delight!

It was hard to tear them away, but after 20 minutes the tide was getting higher and it was time to go.

These are last nights pictures, again the tide was high so we didn't find any sea glass, notice how calm the water is.

Any outfit goes, I don't argue with what they wear on our short travels. Rarely do we run into any other people. We believe this is "our" beach.

Tomorrow is another day, we got home way to late tonight from a BBQ to hunt for Sea Glass today.
With summer in full swing my esty shop has been neglected this past week. I'm hoping next week will be much more productive, wish me luck :)


  1. Kim,
    That first photo is so great; well actually all of them are fun. Makes me want to jump right in too.

  2. Your pictures are really lovely, what fun. Yes, good luck with art. I seem to have put everything on hold now the sun has arrived :)

  3. Hi Ya Rita!!

    Good to "see" you Bubbles :)

  4. Nice to have such a private spot to go to!

  5. Really making me miss my beach now....glad you've got such a lovely one that you obviously enjoy!! You and "the crew" will have to enjoy yours enough for me too! ♥toni

  6. They look as if this were their first trip to the beach. You'd never know it's in there back yard!!
    So refreshing to see the young ones enjoy our gorgous gifts of nature.
    Thanks so much Kim for sharing you'll little gifts with us!!

  7. Hi

    wonderful summer fun - oh those were the days. Great pictures. :-)

    Love Gail
    peace and hope.....

  8. What a priceless post! I can't think of a better time than going to the beach after dinner and hunting for sea treasures. They are going to have the best childhood memories and you are a wonderful Mom!!!!