Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sea Glass

Sea Glass, originally uploaded by 1022 Sea Shell Ave.

This is the loot from one night of hunting. Less than 2 hours it took to find all this at low tide the other night. Look at the huge chunks of crystal clear diamonds, and even the rare black pieces were found. This was the best night ever! We have since been back and found nothing close to this. I'm thinking we cleaned the place out,lol!!!!


  1. HI
    I Love sea glass - and your treasured finds are beautiful

    Love Gail
    peace and hope.....

  2. I've always thought of going sea glass collecting at night. Everytime I go in the morning looks like lots of action went on the night before.

  3. Hi Natural Mauui!
    I was just on your blog, lovely!!! How do I sign up (follow) on Word Press, must I set up an account in order to keep contact with your blog? (sorry, I'm a little new to this)--- We sea glass hunt in the mornings to but not a lot of people here know about the treasures to be found (and were not tellin') so it doesn't really matter what time we go as long as it's low tide.

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    P.S. Nice products you have!!!

  5. Now that is quite a haul! I'm lucky to find one tiny piece.

  6. Some low tides are better than others, we've been back a few times this week and have come home with only a couple pieces. If you travel this way we'll hunt together :)

  7. Hi Yolanda, I just signed up and commented on the artical about Louise Rogers, I can only wish to grow my collection that big!

  8. Lucky you to find all that seaglass:)

  9. Absolutely beautiful. I love looking for sea glass. You had great luck finding all of this in one night.

  10. Love your sea glass photos! I am also a sea glass lover - love walkig the beach to collect the treasures there! We visited Cape May last fall and absolutely fell in love with the place - just beautiful! You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place!