Saturday, September 18, 2010

East Point Light

If you know me then you know I spend massive amounts of time at the East Point Lighthouse.

Today was the Open House and Artists' Day. They open the Lighthouse up to tours and have artists and craft tables set up.
We went early and got a chance to see what can be caught in a small net.


Artists were set up all over the small beach to paint the Lighthouse.

The windows were open!!!

The front door.

Tees for sale!!

This is inside the lighthouse.

East Point Lighthouse is the second oldest lighthouse in New Jersey. Built in 1849.

Over many years 10 keepers and their families lived and served.

The inside is in serious need of repair.

Up until 1941 the grounds were kept by a local custodian.

After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the light was extinguished to prevent it,

from acting as a beacon for enemy ships. At the end of the war the Light was not re-lit.

It became a forgotten treasure and was taken over by vandalism.

It remained abandoned and boarded up until 1971 when local folks formed a group to save it.

And then on July 15,1971, a fire! Thought to be started by vandals. Severe damage was done to the interior.

Through the efforts of Maurice River Historical Society the lighthouse was stabilized and in 1980 it was reactivated by the U.S. Coast Guard as an aid to navigation.

The view from the top.....

Lily got to turn the light on!!!

Take a look at the view..................

The spiral staircase.

For 2 dollars a person for the tour it was great, I learned a lot and so did the kids.

Back outside we made bracelets.

The lady selling the jewelry said she opened an etsy shop recently but when I searched I sadly could not find her.

A captive audience.

The girls sat and listened for 15 minutes, it looks like the band was playing just for them.

And then they figured out they could paint and listen to music at the same time.

True artists!

We saw paper made from the sea grass!

Yep! They said it was paper......I'm confused???? But it was nice, didn't smell to good but....

The artists packing up.

It truly was a beautiful day.
The next phase of restoration of the lighthouse includes the interior, I think they are doing a wonderful job!



  1. Thanks so much Kim. I needed this trip to the beach....and in the process had a history lesson (as long as it's not math ; ) Wonderfully done!!
    hugs ♥toni

  2. Thanks Toni! Next year I'll set up my art supplies and join in the fun :)

  3. So where was your table of wares?
    Too bad the place is in such disrepair. It's looks like a neat place to visit.

  4. I'll be prepared next year Rita I promise and you can set up beside me :)

  5. oooh what great pics...thanks for taking us along! I never knew about the fire. A great blog!
    Jennifer aka gigi