Saturday, July 28, 2012

This is Lily (8) she is the ultimate sea glass hunter! I think because she is lower to the ground and can spot the sparkle quicker than my other 4 kids.

This is an hours worth of hunting, Lily was so excited to find that lone piece of blue!

The bigger hunky chunky pieces I think I'm going to turn into Christmas ornaments.
a friend introduced me to  this site on Facebook
its called The Artists Bucket
its a place for buyers to buy and sellers to sell right on Facebook without any fees, just post your creations and hopefully get sales.
I'm going to whip up adjustable sea glass rings and sell them for 5.00 on that awesome site, you can also find me here on Facebook I'd love some "likes"
Sooo, what do you think of $5.00 sea glass rings?

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