Sunday, October 14, 2012

Just when you think

Just when you think your on a roll and ready to take blogging seriously and trying to commit to posting a few times a week and sharing your love with other lovers of blog world the unthinkable happens! (run on sentence I know) My ever lovin laptop crashed, it was my lifeline to the universe as it is to all of us. I've heard of it happening but never thought it would happen to mine, the ignorance is bliss theory is out the window. Its been almost 3 weeks and its driving me bonkers. It needs to and will go the shop but the dear husband keeps saying he needs another day to "try" to fix it. I'm going through withdraw! The only other computer we have in the house is the desktop that I'm writing on now, it's now being shared by all 7 of us. It ain't easy! The 6 year old wants to play kid games on it, the 8 year old loves to brows and is looking for Christmas gifts she can't live without. The 11 year old wants to look at kids singing on u-tube, the 12 year old is researching his survival skills and the 18 year old neeeds to be on Facebook. The husband clears us all out with his need to check the weather every 10 minutes. Until my old friend is fixed and back under my finger tips it is the way it has to be. I hope it's only another couple of days until I can get back into the blogging swing. Don't give up on me!


  1. Been there done that! I hate it :/ computer crashing, the husband and the fixing, the sharing, the whole shebang on computer woes! Hope your laptop gets fixed soon.

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  3. how did Sandy treat you all~ hopefully with respect !

    1. Hi Neil! Good to see you again. Sandy was very kind to my little town, but a 1/2 hour away in every direction the towns were unbelievable. It's going to take years to make it the way it was. Thanks for asking, I'll post a few of the pictures I have. How are you and yours?