Friday, January 22, 2010

A Light Lesson on Sea Shells

Clam shells consist of a wide variety of bi-valve shells in many shapes and sizes. Some are edible and some produce pearls. Most live in shallow waters and the species can be found in either fresh or salt water.

An example:

Edible oysters are the most commonly known throughout the world as a popular source of seafood. Their shell is porcelaneous and the pearls produced from these edible oysters have little value. Other types of oyster shells include the p earled oyster shells, thorny oyster shells, and jingle shells.

An example:

For my work I prefer Clam Shells to paint on because of the semi smooth surface. I do work on oyster shells, I think they make for great ornaments once drilled. Most sea shells can't pass my drilling process, they are fradgile and crack with to much pressure. It has been a learning process to know exactly where to drill and how each shell is diffrent and requires diffrent amount of pressure. Many a drill bitt I have broken learning this.

Thanks for looking, don't forget to feed the fish and follow :)


  1. Hi-

    I fed the fish!! :-) I enjoyed learning about shells. I went and saw your art work, you are so talented and your designs are beautiful.

    Love Gail

  2. I love sea shells and have collected them since I was a kid. Your painted shells are so beautiful and perfect little bird's eye (or should I say fish's eye:) )views of some lovely ocean scenery!

  3. Your art is so beautiful, and a beautifully written blog as well =)
    My Mom now is newly redecorating her home into all beach theme! I'll have to show her your shells!