Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Get All 6 pieces!

Get All 6 pieces!, originally uploaded by 1022 Sea Shell Ave.

Ladies and Gentlemen.....
I Introduce to you my newest.....

I taught myself to wire wrap sea glass, here are a few I listed today. I decided to sell them in sets rather than individually, quite a bargain for sea glass lovers. The pieces we (the kids and I) find are way to pretty to sit in a jar, they are meant to be seen!
I'm thinking they would also be perfect for a nautical Christmas tree, just adding a hook or a ribbon......ooohhhh the possibilities are ENDLESS.....I am SO Excited!!!

Don't forget to feed the fish below and follow :)


  1. Yes, the possibilities are endless. It's exciting to do something new and tons of ideas swirl around. Yep looks great on holiday trees. Have you tried 2-3 joining any together to hang.
    Looks great. Pat yourself on the back; well done.

  2. Hi
    they are lovely - and YOU re so creative :-)

    Love Gail

  3. Oh, so beautiful!!! Love the wire wrapping.

  4. Thank You Ladies :)

    I have a new respect for the art of wire wrapping and have been busy looking for my style. And also looking for the dremel drill my husband says we have but can't find. I'm thinking holes would be great to join pieces together, but until that drill is found (you should see the shed,lol) I'm content learning how to work the wire. Your support means so much!