Wednesday, June 16, 2010

These are my newest creations, I am in love with wire now!

What better place to display your seaside trips than on a conch shell? This conch I drilled a hole in the top then added wire.

This one would hold 2, would be super cute on a desk!
I have been in a creative mood lately, probably because all of my art supplies are out and I can see them. Every corner of my family room has become my personal art space. I took over every flat surface and have a different project going in every corner. You'll never see pictures,I'm ashamed! But my mess has increased my productivity. The kids are at the age where they don't get into everything. This is a time to celebrate, for years I had to pack up, but now, I'm free to leave my mess out and not worry...A great feeling! And with being able to actually see what I have to work with you never know what can happen!
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  1. Oh Kim....I do LOVE the one in the middle...hmmmmm do you have this one listed yet??

    I still want to see pics of your "studio" (hehe)!!

    Keep it up girl, you're doing good!!

  2. You always come up with the coolest ideas! I love wire too and I finally decided to watch a video clip on how to make those swirls like you have done here. Now I think I've forgotten again! Very nice! ~Lili