Friday, January 7, 2011

Canon PowerShot A490 Hates Me!!!

How long are batteries supposed to last in your camera? Last summer I bought a Canon PowerShot A490 and it hates me! I believe it hates me because I can not for the life of me figure the darn thing out. Granted I don't dig to far into the directions for anything but this time I did and still am having a really hard time. One, the batteries last only a couple of hours. Today I took 120 pictures, used it for maybe 2 hours and then poof, dead lens! It aggravates me more because getting a setting, any setting is way to complicated for a point and shoot camera. I should have taken it back when I couldn't find out how to reach the micro setting. Right then and there when I went back to the store I should of asked for my money back when it took the guy 10 minutes to find it in front of me. I looked online for basic directions and nothing, I did find tutorials on the basics of cameras and that helps if only I knew how to get to the settings. I even just sat and played with it (knowing the batteries would go dead) and tried really hard to wrap my brain around the different functions and once I learn it, and then try to apply it, the camera won't go back to where I originally thought I knew how to work it................uuuggggg!!! For years I had a Kodak Point and Shoot and LOVED it, I'm thinking of throwing this one against the wall and getting another. Oh, and the batteries, how long are camera batteries supposed to last? Help me before I hurt the camera!


  1. Ok.. Houston we have a problem.... beat, throw, destroy..whatever it is you must do.. but you and that camera are NOT going to make it! Sorry I am laughing hysterically as I write this to you..(psych nurse here) you must love your camera and it must love you back.. your new mantra.... go back to Kodak.. and good luck!

  2. Yep, I'm going to dump this camera very soon! It doesn't love me the way I need it to, I have to string it along untill I get a new one then we will break up for good! I'm going back to my first love, the one who knew me so well :)

  3. Oh and that camera. *Smiling* at your expense here but understand that I have a Kodak Easy Share that takes pretty good pics BUT it eats batteries like I eat chocolate. (It take CrV3 or something like that at $10 a pop).

    I guess we just need to accept the love/hate relationships we have with our eletronics and carry on.

    Good Luck to you! ♥toni

  4. I refuse to except it and will divorce it as soon as possible! It aggravates me and causes me stress, and cost me a ton of money in batteries, that's it, it's over! I'm going back to my first love in the spring, we've been apart way to long :)