Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hand painted beach necklaces

A look at what I worked on today,
a little beach scene
Then I used my one inch hole punch and popped a couple out.

Then decided they would look good in a silver pendant tray, secured with a sealer and glass dome.

Wa La, super cute! A great way to spend a Saturday! And what did you do today?


  1. So good to see you use all of your spare time so wisely....seriously Kim, with five kids HOW DO YOU DO IT?? They must just be in awe of "mom's work".

    I LOVE the necklace!
    Thanks for sharing the process!!

  2. That's wonderful! I wish I had just a smidge of your talent!

  3. Hi and Happy New Year
    I love the necklace. You are SO creative and talented. :-)
    Love Gail