Friday, May 21, 2010

Floating Docks

Lots of activity
down at the dock today.
My husband
operates a party boat out of Sea Isle City. Days are spent
fishing, and the nights are chartered for night cruises. The season is from Memorial Day to mid November, this week has been hectic getting everything ready. A new dock was made today and our kids got a good look at just how it was done.

This is the new bar area inside the cabin, for the night trips ladies are not aloud to were heels, that would be a disaster waiting to happen, so we make sure to tell them before the boat leaves the dock.

A couple of lifeboats and a couple life preservers.
We have had a few guys jump over after they have had a drink to many, that is never a good idea. Waiting for them at the dock will be a police car and then their buddies can bail him out of jail.

The Starfish boat is docked right next door to
the Lobster Loft Restaurant, good food and more
good times!

The brand new floating docks!

The crane used to position and make
the docks and pilings.

By next week this parking lot will be cleaned up and filled
bumper to bumper.
Fishing trips are 8am-noon
The cruises leave at 7pm and depending on the trip could return at 3am.
Fun Times!

Another view of the crane on top of the work
boat in the middle of the crick, a really neat thing
to see!

Thanks for reading, I'm working on hand painting more seashells :)
Don't forget to feed the fish and follow!

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