Saturday, May 22, 2010

Over the river and through the woods.......

Over the river and through the woods lives my friends Charmaine and Barry. They have 2 kids
and were watching another friends 3 kids, I decided to bring my 5 to join in the fun.

Barry collects drift wood so I couldn't help but add
some sea glass.

Pearl believes the chicken is a cat.

One of the kids found a Robin egg, in case it still had a chance to survive they put it underneath a chicken. We have no idea if that was a good idea, sounded like it at the time.

The chickens really are pets :)

More art

Chicken talk....

My friend in the coop....

One good lookin hen house!

Charmaine definitely has a green thumb!

We had a good time visiting! The kids all played nice together. My only complaint would be the
time went by way to fast! We love these folks!


  1. Looks like fun was had by all. I'd love to see the look on that chickens face when she hatches a robin - LOL

  2. Love the LOVE art!!! I've always dreamed of having chickens...sigh!

  3. Hello Kim, it's lovely to see these wonderful pictures. I'd just like to say how much I appreciate your kind thoughts and comments. Thank you so much, it makes a difference. Bubbles.