Saturday, May 15, 2010

Horseshoe Crabs Along The Bay

We found Horseshoe Crabs tonight at the
Lighthouse! Ton's of them! It is mating season right
now for them all along the Delaware Bay. They
come up to the sand to mate and lay their eggs.
Sometimes they have a hard time making it back
into the water so the locals give them a hand
by picking them up and tossing them back in.
They are really neat to watch, sometimes they get
themselves turned upside down but (hopefully)
a wave will come and turn them over.

And the sunset was beautiful tonight !


  1. So good to hear people help the horseshoes by righting them back over. Many don't realize how important they are to the medical field. The blood from the horseshoe crabs is used by the pharmaceutical industry to test medications for anyone who requires injections say for diabetes this is obviously really important.

    Another reason we all need to be respectful of the water and the creatures that live in it.

  2. Way Cool post Kim (love the photos)!!

    and what do know about the horseshoe crab being important to the medical field. Thanks for that wonderful bit of info BeachHouse.

    I've been entertained and educated all on the same post.

  3. Thanks Beach House! You worded that so well thank you so much for the info :)


    (♥ya Toni)