Sunday, May 30, 2010

sunsets and sea glass

This is a look at where I go almost every night
after dinner, my girls and I hunt for sea glass.

We watch the birds watch us.

We watch the sail boats pass by.....

We dog watch...

The sunsets are spectacular!


  1. Sorry but this post looks sloppy,how do I get my pictures to line up nicely one under the other once they are uploaded?.....oh the joy of being online (been at it 2 hours now)....

  2. Wonderful evenings and quite a catch of genuine sea glass. It is hard to come by up our way unless it's is after a good storm and if you hit the beach at 6 am you are already too late.

    In blogger if you are in the "new" editor" look at the top of your post sections sort of like a word document select center and they should line up.

  3. THANK YOU BEACH HOUSE!!!!! Finally no sloppy looking posts!

    The little stretch of beach at East Point is secluded and not a lot of folks know about it, so the sea glass is everywhere! I'm in the process of learning how to wire wrap it :)

    Thank You again for all your help!

  4. such beautiful pictures from our neck of the woods! I never knew about sea glass!

  5. Well if it's sloppy I certainly didn't notice...totally mezmerized by the beautiful photos. Good job Kim!! ♥t

  6. oh, you are down near the Delaware bay. I have lived in south jersey my whole life, most recently in Manahawkin, but have never visited this lighthouse, - but I have painted it from photos, 2 paintings, several years ago. Isn't it called Point Lookout or something similar?

  7. Hi Jennifer! We are on the border of Cumberland and Cape May County, it it called East Point Lighthouse and it's beautiful! If you ever get the chance you must take the drive. It is just off of Rt. 47, follow the signs :) We never new about it either until we moved here. Would love to see your art :)
    Thanks for writing,